#19600 - V4 MOD 32mm Big Bore Bypass1 Shock Kit Gun Metal Gold Edition Losi 5B / 5T 2.0 / 1.0


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 Version 4 Updates / Package Includes: 

  1. Extended and Offset Hard Anodized Shock Caps for increased droop and proper fitment to tower as shocks will not rub (4)
  2. All new Bypass1 Designed pistons with softer dampening characterisitcs, drillable holes and adjustable pack vs rebound with all new Valving .003, .005, .007, .010 
  3. Updated Shock Body Threads (4)
  4. Seven Pairs of Springs ranging from 8,9,10 lb for the fronts and 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5 lb for the rear. 
  5. Sharper and Larger Surface area for gripping shock spring adjustment ring
  6. Larger diameter shock retainer ring perch (prevent from pushing into spring)
  7. Updated Bottom Shock Cap to help with durability and fit with the o-ring to capture it properly 
  8. New colors 

(Shocks in Picture are completed with the use of TLR/Losi components) you WILL need the following to complete your MOD V4 Shock package.

  • First option is to take apart your old shocks and use all the parts off of there or you can purchase the following part #'s to complete the shocks
  • Second Option is to purchase the following: 2 x Front Shock Shafts (TLR353001) , 2 x Rear Shock Shafts (TLR353002), 1 x Shock Plastics (TLR253002) , 1 x Shock Rebuild Hardware (TLR253001)


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