MIP X-Duty, Rear, Trax Stampede-Rustler Electric and VXL #18140


$72.00 $90.00
SKU: 18140


Scope: MIP “X-Duty” CVD™ REAR Drives are designed with “High Voltage” systems in mind. Systems such as Castle Creations “Monster Mamba” System.

  • Made from High grade Carbon Steel and Hardened to perfection!
  • Involute MIP Spline Technology for smoother telescoping action!
  • Designed using Castle Creations “Monster Mamba” Brushless Systems for testing!
  • Fits Stampede and Rustler Electric and VXL
  • New KEYED AXLE features a product design enhancement to the 12mm Hex Adapter and added support products for the utmost fit within the tight tolerances on Traxxas vehicles.

Quality you just can’t beat; all made in the USA!  Genuine MIP™ Products, CNC machined in-house for highest precision quality.



Tools for assembly. 





NOTE** RE:  ProTrac™ Suspension Kit for the Slash® 4×4

**While the stock axles will work with the ProTrac™ Suspension Kit, some customers may want a heavy duty CVD option for their truck (for Racing or Extreme Bashing purposes). The following MIP option has been confirmed to work with the kit:

MIP #10133 X-Duty Front Axle (2 Required for Front Left and Front Right) 

MIP #11104 X-Duty CVD Kit (2 Required for Front and Rear)

**Source: www.prolineracing.com

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