*BEARING MOD* - Walbro WT-990 High-Performance Carburetor for Zenoah / CY Engines

Matt Olson Designs

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Bearing Modded Walbro WT-990 high-performance carburetor, the bearing mod is at the throttle shaft to create smooth and long lasting operation.

This is the carburetor recommended by Zenoah for upgrading your RC-style engine. Engines with the standard carburetor (WT-603, WT-668, etc) tend to experience a lag in low-end acceleration when tuned for peak power. Carburetor specs: Walbro WT-990. 15.88mm bore, 12.7mm venturi, independent tunable high and low speed jets. This carburator does not have an internal choke. 
Note: This carburetor now comes standard with modified throttle shaft, so it will work perfectly in most R/C applications such as HPI Baja, FG Modellsport, etc. As this is a high performance carb this does not have a built in choke.

The WT-990 Carburetor is the same as the WT-813 WITHOUT an internal acceleration pump.

Zenoah part# 575655001
Fg part # 07855

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