Mission: To Bring Quality Live Coverage to RC Car Events both local and abroad.

Contact: Matthew Olson - 714.612.0418 - to inquire about information, pricing, and scheduling. 

 (Click on Video above and go to the Facebook page / full screen, the coverage throughout the weekend for the KO Propo Race had 100,000 Post Reach and nearly 50,000 Video Views on Facebook)

Capabilities: (Setup Varies for event size / travel needs / personnel needed)

  • 1-2  x Moving Camera Coverage of Qualifiers and Main Events
    • full 1080p coverage streamed across Facebook / Youtube / LiveRC simultaneously. 
    • LiveRC Ticker Bar with Driver information streamed on top of feed
    • Live Sponsors streamed in bottom left hand corner
    • Track Logo Located on Feed throughout the weekend
    • Interviews of Qualifier winners and Main winners
  • 2 x Audio Feeds 
    • Digital audio hooked up straight to the announcers microphone. What the racers hear on the race track, you hear on the video
    • Audio from the moving cam so people can hear the cars and background noise. 
  • 1-2 x Static cams to switch to for different track angles 
  • 1 x Mobile Camera during intermissions to walk around pits and talk with participants 
  • Hook into your LIVE RC Feed and play live video over your Live RC / Facebook / Youtube Account to draw more attention to the track. 

Experience with Live Camera Work / Coverage: 

    MOD LIVE MEDIA Events:

    • 2019-2020 MOD 5th Scale Championship series 
    • 2019 West Coast 5th Scale Nationals
    • 2020 1/5 Scale Worlds 
    • 2020 KO Propo Grand Prix 
    • 2020 Mid West 5th Scale Shootout 
    • 2020 Coyote Hobbies Mid Summer Shootout
    • 2020 Florida Carpet Nationals
    • 2020 Blue Ridge Nationals
    • 2021 TNR A Main Challenge
    • 2021 JConcepts INS Round 1 Hobby Plex

    LiveRC Events: 

    • 2018-2020 Reedy Race of Champions
    • 2019 AMA Supercross Futures Finals 
    • 2019 1/8 Scale Nitro Onroad Worlds 
    • 2020 Dirt Nitro Challenge 

      MOD LIVE MEDIA - Why?:

      Simply put, a lot of very cool events do not have proper Live coverage they deserve, I know a lot of us are sick of watching a fish eye camera featured at many of these events. There is only one time our RC events get proper coverage and that's when our good friends over at LiveRC show up! LiveRC sets the bar when it comes to Live coverage and we only want to add to the road they have paved. MOD LIVE MEDIA wants to bring that ESPN type coverage to the little big races / tracks around the country. 

      In our eyes to grow our industry we need to be able to properly document and stream these events Live via Facebook, Youtube, and LiveRC so that people from around the World are able to experience the joys of RC along with bring more eyeballs to the track and facility we are filming at. 

      A few testimonies from Facilities / Events we have covered thus far: 

      Coyote Hobbies Mid Summer Shootout - Victorville, CA - 1/10 Scale Offroad:
      • "MOD Coverage is amazing and its needed to grow the sport, I believe all tracks need this, going to give us so much more exposure" - Dave Batta - Owner
        • Analytics 50,000 Post Reach - 15,000 Video Views (Facebook)
      Mid West Shootout - River Front Raceway - Fort Dodge, IA - 1/5 Scale Offroad:
      • "MOD LIVE MEDIA coverage is like ESPN style coverage! - Tony Bacon - Owner
        • Analytics - 30,000  Post Reach - 10,000 Video Views (Facebook)

      KO Propo Grand Prix - Steel City Speedway - Fontana, CA - Onroad 1/8 :

      • "Thank you for bringing us to the next level with the MOD coverage, we were able to bring what we do to people around the world. The weekend was a major success and I appreciate your hard work and hustle... (post event) "Everyone has been hitting me up regarding the coverage, its on fire!" - Brian Thomas -  KO Propo Event Promoter - Mugen Onroad Team Manager   
        • Analytics - 110,000 Post Reach - 50,000 Video Views (Facebook)



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