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TIER I - Live Action Coverage 

  • 2 Man Team (Producer / Camera Man)
    • 1 Full Time Producer / Interviewer / Director
    • 1 Full Time Action Cam Cameraman
    • 2-4 + Cameras to Enhance Coverage
      • Interview Cam
      • Drivers Stand Cam
      • Fish Eye Track Cam
      • Zipline Cam (When Applicable)
      • Pit Lane Cam (When Applicable)
      • PTZ (Remote controlled Moving Camera) (When Applicable)
    • Instant Replay (if time / Space Available)
    • Sponsor Logos / Commercials on Live Stream
    • Ability to Live Stream to Five Company Channels (Facebook / YouTube), 5 + Inquire
      • Great Feature for Sponsors of an event
    • Driver Headshot / Car Livery (must Accomplish before event start)
      • 1+ Day Added to Event Duration to Accomplish

Included in Base Rates

  • 12 Hour Live Coverage Days
  • Setup / Break Down
    • 1 Day of setup needed before event begins
  • Travel Days
    • (Arrival/Departure)
  • Drivable Miles
    • 200 Round Trip
  • Aluminum Camera Perch
    • Main Moving Camera Location when spot not available
    • Drivable Events only

Extra Expenses Beyond Base Rates - Events Require a Variety of Setups      (Estimates of Extra Costs Given Before Booking)

  • Plane Flight (NAT) / Rental Car (Nat) / Hotel (Lo/Nat)
  • Drivable Trip over 200 miles (round trip) (LO/Nat)
    • Extra fuel charges to cover increased miles 
  • MEDIA Coverage RIGS (LOCAL):
    • Motorhome W/Garage / Media Trailer / Travel Trailer
      • $250 per Rig + Fuel Costs FOR TRIP
    • MOD Camera Man Scissor Lift W/ Trailer - ($250)
      • This will need another vehicle to pull to site
        • Fuel Costs Expensed 
  • If Live Stream goes Beyond 12 Hours Per Day
    • Option 1: extra cameraman AT $275 Per Day (possible dual camera coverage with option 1)
    • Option 2: $75 Per Hour every hour after 12 for Single Cameraman
  • Mobile Internet or Redundant system needed for spotty hard line connection
    • StarLink ($250) (Outdoors / Rural)
    • Hotspot ($100) (Indoors / Urban)

Discount Available by Sponsoring LIVE Waffle $550 off Final Rate (when Waffle does occur at event Coverage - Waffle=Raffle)

  • Hiring party sponsors RC Car kit of at least $450 Retail Value for the MOD Waffle that is run during event. (Car kit must be relevant to the racing community). MOD LIVE MEDIA reserves the right to Run a Waffle and bring on supporting waffle product sponsors. Funds Raised by Waffle are the property of Mod live Media.

MOD LIVE MEDIA Reserves the Right to bring on Supporting Paid Live Feed Sponsors. A discussion will be had with party as to not have conflicting main sponsors. Hiring party will receive 50% of Rate charged to Sponsor in form of Discount for Live Feed Coverage.


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