#143700 - V2.5 MIP 32mm Big Bore Bypass1 Shock Kit, Losi 5ive-T


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1. 7 pairs of V3 springs will come with this set

2. V2 Shock Bodies, Caps, rings, ect. 

3. Limited Quantities available. 

Get into an MIP shock set at a reduced cost works the same as Version 3 as far as piston and spring combos, check out Version 3 link for the differences and updates.

(Main Picture is basically what V2.5 is just has grey caps, spring collar, but the same V2 bodies in picture)

 Version 2.5 will preform the same as in this video. 

Spring Walk-through (go full screen)


LAZY, UNPREDICTABLE, MUSHY, MAXED OUT, all of these words describe the current OEM system that plagues the Losi 5t’s suspension.  With the coming of bigger engines, larger tracks, and harsher conditions, the current platform is simply limited with a 28mm shock system that is trying to work a 40 pound monster around a track. WE as a WHOLE deal with this issue because there are little to no options for a fix, until now!
Introducing the all new MIP 32mm BIG BORE Bypass1™ shock system for the Losi 5t! This new Big Bore system allows the truck to be more responsive, predictable, and stable. These attributes equate to the truck being able to jump and land more confidently, as well as take corners without thinking about maxing out and flipping over. With the race proven MIP Bypass1™ system equipped and two sets of springs included, you are sure to find any setup your heart desires. Get on board with some all American engineering, manufacturing, and be confident when you purchase this system as it has been tested and proven by Team MIP’s extensive product development crew. This same system is what helped pilot Team MIP’s vehicles to a decisive TQ at the 2014 West Coast Nationals, and a crushing win in the 1/5th Buggy class. Get what you need for your Losi 5T get MIP Big Bore Shocks!
1/5th Scale Customer Vehicle
Increased Responsiveness
Increased Stability
More Predictable
Larger Piston = More Pack
Increased Jumping and Landing Efficiency
MIP Bypass1™ system = Controllable Rebound Rates
MIP Bypass1™ Piston system with .005, .007, and .010 Valve Shims
Set of Four Hard Anodized Big Bore Bodies
Set of Four Anodized Shock and Cartridges Caps
6 Pairs of Springs, 3 front 3 Rear. 
All Aluminum is 7075
100% Made in the USA
OEM Losi Parts include shock shaft, piston washer, shock shaft nut, o-rings/center plastic washer, shock spring cup, shock eyelet (All OEM parts can be taken from original 28mm shocks), 5.5mm nut driver
Fits all Losi 5ive vehicles, Five-T (LOSB0019BLKBD), 5ive-T RTR

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