MOD MOTO Everlast Triple Stage Air Filter 19995

Matt Olson Designs

$47.99 $65.00
SKU: 19995

Designed like a Dirtbike Motorcycle Filter this Filter is sure to be your best friend in the harshest of conditions. We have run this filter in race settings throughout the last several years without fail and it is by far the most winning air filter on the market!


  • Triple Stage and when you slip off the first stage (big outer one) there is barely any dirt on the second stage (we have personally never sucked dirt through this filter)
    • Protip - Add panty hose to the outside of the filter and run a round outerwear on the outside of it
    • Be sure to oil both filters (inner and outer) 
  • Best insurance policy for your engine


  • Must have standard 45mm Velocity stack adapter
    • Protip - Couple it with the Bartolone Machined Velocity Stack, it has the best air flow and lip design as to hold the filter on tight. (Available through MOD)

Other items needed beyond filter:

  1. Spray Oil (PJ1 recommended) (normal motorcycle filter oil works as well)
  2. Hose Clamp 
  3. Panty Hose
  4. Round Outerwear


  • Recommended to cut out the side of your cage where it presses up on the filter so it does not damage the filter, this is most important on reed engines as they stick out further. 


  • Be sure to spray with Filter Oil Cleaner Spray to break down the oil. Then us water and dawn soap to clean the rest of the filter. 
    • Protip : If you happen to leave the oil on too long the filter will start to deterate. 
    • Be sure to check and clean the filter often. 
    • The filter foam will get old so be sure to keep an eye on that. Proper cleaning will help with overall filter life. 





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