MOD / MIP Limit Strap Set Losi 5T 1.0 / 2.0 / 5B Pimp Purple #28110


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*** Special Edition MOD Limit Strap Set comes with 4 extra buckles for better holding force and 1 extra strap to have on hand in case of strap damage ***


  • Save shocks from busting apart during hard crashes that overextends and damages shock components.
  • Strap mounts where shock pushes down and limits it at the proper point.
  • Removes droop screw and can cut off piece of chassis to save overall weight. 
  • Helps save arm from bowing (Does not prevent 100%)
  • Strap takes most of the damage from full extension no harm to shock.


  • 28105 - (4) Rebuild Straps 


  • Take sanding drum on Dremel and smooth out buckles to decrease chance of cutting through strap. 


  • Strong Fiber Strap 
  • Strong Steel Buckles 
  • Machined Aluminum Shock Strap Standoff


  • 5 - Straps (One complementary strap encase one gets damaged)
  • 8 - Buckles ( Double up buckles for best holding characteristics)
  • 4 - Aluminum Shock Standoffs


  • LOSI 5T / 5B , Other 1/5 Scales


  • Made 100% in the USA



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