#18010 - Tekno EB410.1/.2 MIP Pro4mance Package


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MIP Pro4mance package improvements over EB410 Stock Chassis

- Weight biased shift to more of a 47% Front 53% Rear split. Equates to a car that's easier to push. 

- Spine Carbon Braces bolted to the chassis to give the chassis proper flex front to rear. 

- Negative 3 mm compared to OEM chassis to help with rotation 

- Center Puck Drive System to help smooth out drivetrain power delivery 

- Motor is flippable so you can run the motor up front or in the rear of the car depending on what you prefer. (Must have a motor that will fit, some older longer can brushless motors will not fit and hit the rack, get MIP 18030 to help with improved room for motor) 

- Ability to shift batter fore and aft in the car to change weight biased 

- Thicker chassis to help with wear characteristics

- Improve B Block mounting geometry where chassis kicks up. Less likely to crack chassis as it wears. 

- Carbon front body mount with low mount (drops front body to improve handling

- Recommended bodies are JConcepts F2 #0317 or Proline Elite - 3487-30 (lightweight versions available in both) 

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