#18300 - MIP Race Duty™ Drive Kit, Ft/Rr, Arrma Outcast/ Kraton

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MIP Race Duty™ Drive Kit, Ft/Rr, Arrma Outcast/ Kraton #18300
2 - MIP Confetti Sticker, 2.185 x .65 Black
1 - MIP Inst. Sheet, Wide Track Kit, Traxxas TRX-4 Defender
1 - MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup
2 - SHSS, M5 x 5mm Cup Point
2 - Dowel Pin, 2.5mm x 15mm, Alloy Steel
2 - MIP Race Duty, Coupling, Arrma Outcast
2 - MIP Race Duty, Ft-Rr Drive Bone, Arrma Outcast
2 - MIP Race Duty, Ft-Rr Axle, Arrma Outcast
The new Race Duty™ Drive Kit for the Arrma Outcast/Kraton is a must have upgrade for your car! Made from the highest quality Hardened Alloy Steel, our kit can easily upgrade your cars front or rear drive. Don't forget to keep your Stock Hex Adapters and Cross Pins to complete the assembly. Take your car to the next level and order this kit today!
• Increased overall strength due to large 6mm Tapered bone compared to 5mm of OEM
• Fit and Finish (meaning tolerances) are all improved from the coupler hole, to the entire assembly; you can tell that everything feels quality in your hand. 
• Rotation of the cup of the axle to the bone is much smoother and not notchy like the OEM fitment (this is at full lock like when turning the car and the axle cup bottoms on the bone) 
• All American steel used for manufacturing 

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