Hitec HS-1000 / 1005 / 1100 SGT Bullet Proof MOD

Matt Olson Designs


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The Giant Hitec 1000/1005/1100 is arguably the strongest and most reliable servo on the market at 1500+ OZ of torque. But after months of time both gears and motors start to fail unfortunately. Though Hitecs service department is impeccable the underlying cause of many failures is not due to the motor or gears its the main support pin that stabilizes the gears and hooks into the top / bottom of the servo case and a small piece in the motor that fails. After a year of testing in Matt Olsons 4x4 Truck / Buggy and many championships later the custom MOD / MIP machined Hitec Servo hasn't skipped a beat. In fact the servos we have serviced none have failed so 100/100 as far as success rate but we can't say it can't happen we just haven't seen one broken yet.

What we need from you:

  • Fully Functional Hitec 1000 / 1005 / 1100 , this means no broken gears, motor working turns left and right. 
  • Once purchased send in servo, price includes shipping back to you just choose free shipping at checkout.

What we do:

  • Tear Servo apart down to the board
  • Machine Top and Bottom of Case
  • Press in Custom Machined Steel Insert to hold Main Gear pin
  • Unsolder Motor from board and internally fix the part that fails
  • Reassemble and Test to make sure all is 100% working

What this MOD prevents:

  • Costly repairs - Gear set alone is $150!
  • At lease 2-3 weeks after sent in for repair.
  • The worst! Loosing a race!
  • Insurance policy, because if you break one gear set or lose one race from failure, it will pay for itself.

Turnaround time:

  • 3-4 Weeks

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