JConcepts Chasers - Long Wear - Losi 5iveT - 5th Scale

Matt Olson Designs

$79.99 $85.00
SKU: 3123-00-4


  • New Long Wear Compound not seen by the public
    • Prototype Version responsible for many National Wins around the country in those longer main events. 
  • Super dialed traction on rough / blown out tracks
  • Premium Wear on these with such a big lug. 

When to use:

  • Conditions are optimal on tracks that are dusty have ruts / pot holes an are perfect for tracks with 180s. These tires love rocks, dust and racing on the moon type stuff. 
  • Would not use on tracks that are hard packed and groomed go with the Reflex Tires. 


  • Buy a set and save $5 bucks!!!!! 

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