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This Order is good for one digital sticker ticket that will then enter you into the Waffle on the Live Feed by MOD LIVE MEDIA. 

To buy more then one digital sticker ticket be sure to add multiple to the order. 

  • One Digital Sticker Ticket is good for only one chance at a Prize. Multiple Winners in Total. Each Person Contacted by ranking order of being picked. Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery Please. 


  1. Larry Nelson (Grand Prize) - Shipped - (Contacting JC for Other goodies) 
  2. Jeff Storm - Puck System - Shipping 
  3. Glen Swan - 5.0, 5.5 7.0 mm -  Shipping 
  4. Kamel Garcia - MOD Sweatshirt Large - Shipping 
  5. James Elliott - S15 B74.2 JConcepts (ORDER) (Sending)
  6. Jonathan Ko - B6.4 Ball Diff Puck System (CALL) 
  7. Erik Jones - 
  8. Larry Nelson - Ball Diff 5.0 Puck system 
  9. Kirk Crisalli - XL Jacket (Shipped) 
  10. Charles Man - Suction Stickers Radio Wrap 

Swag winners 

Chris Lamare  / Brian Michelle
  • GRAND PRIZE - Team Associated 6.4D Signed w/ JConcepts Body and Tires / Rims  & MOD Puck System of Choice.... Compliments of Hobby Action & JConcepts & MOD with Livery of 2023 World Championship, BK23 Kinwald Classic 2023, MOD LIVE MEDIA and Signed by Team Associated Pro Drivers By Spencer Rivkin (2 Time 2wd World Champion), Dustin Evans (Reedy Race Winner), Aydin Horne (Reedy Race Winner) Davey Batta (National Champion), Jake Thayer (Legend), Jason Ruona (Owner of JConcepts), Larry Tom (Owner of Hobby Action), Matt Olson (Owner MOD / MOD LIVE MEDIA), Jason Boulanger (Photographer of the 1 million view Photo of HA HA Broken Car at Worlds
  • JConcepts Full Set of Tires with Wheels (Your Choice) 
  • MOD 2wd Puck System of Choice
  • Schelle MOD Differential 
  • MOD Large Pit Pal Of Choice
  • MOD Sweatshirt  
  • 1 x Suction Stickers Radio Wrap M17 / Futaba 7PXR / Fly Sky NB4 Wraps
  • 1 x DRC Charge Cable

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