MIP Stickeez Strip Tape Secure 1/10 SC 1/8 & 1/5 Buggy Foam #5115


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  • Secure Foam to wheel surface 
  • Prevents foam from moving about erratically on wheel changing handling of vehicle. 
  • Negates the need to glue foam to rim making both the rim and foam no longer usable, and that process can be quite messy, stickeez is removable after use to use rim / foam again if needed.

Contents of Package:

  •  8 x Stickeez Strips - This will do 2 sets of SC, 2 sets of 1/8 or 1 set of 1/5 scale 

Other Uses: 

  • Great double sided tape for holding down battery weights
  • Perfect for use on steering wheel foam to keep it stationary 
  • Can be used when ever a thin sheet of double sided tape is needed. 

Pro Tip:

  • Make sure surface is clean
  • Use a pair of curved scissors to slit paper and peal away non used portion use red part of tap to pull out from surface. 
  • Be sure to watch video. 


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