Team Associated 6 Series All-In-1 Carbide Diff Rebuild Kit #17095


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SKU: 17095

This kit works for all MIP, MOD, and Team Associated differentials. It does not work with the newest 4.0 TLR diffs or the MIP puck systems.
  • MIP Diffs (puck and non) - Thrust Assembly Orientation- Screw, Flat Washer, Thrust Balls, Grooved Washer, Insert into Out drive 
  • AE Diff - Orientation of Thrust assembly - Screw, Grooved Washer, Thrust Balls, Flat Washer, Insert into Out drive



After months of testing, MIP team drivers have compiled the most parts-packed diff rebuild kit available! This package is stacked with the right blend of American high grade diff components; tungsten carbide diff balls, diff rings, 2-piece captured thrust assembly, machined aluminum T-Nut, and new spring/screw. The entire diff rebuild combo pack replaces all necessary diff components so that you don’t have to sacrifice diff integrity by using old worn components. Give your diff and your wallet the advantage of buying MIP’s all carbide diff rebuild kit! Of course Manufactured 100% in the USA!



1/10th RC10B6 owners in need of a quality Diff Rebuild Kit



Compatible with Stock Team AssociatedBall Diffs & MIP Diffs!

Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls

Machined Aluminum T-Nut

Hard Polished Drive Rings

Bearing Steel “Grooved” Thrust Washer

Manufactured 100% in the USA!



1 – MIP Confetti Sticker

1 – Instruction Sheet

1 – Diff Lube & Grease Cup 

7 – 1/16” Chrome Steel Ball Bearings

14 – 3/32” Gr. 25 Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls

2 – MIP Modified Diff Rings

1 – #2 Hardened Washer

1 – ¼” x 9/32” Diff Spring

1 – 2-56 x .925” Assoc. Diff Screw Shoulder

1 – .236 Alum. Bore MIP Thrust Retainer

1 – .250 Bore MIP T-Nut Housing

1 – .250 Bore MIP T-Nut Insert



Stock Team AssociatedBall Diff or MIP Super Ball Diff Kit

2.0 mm Allen Key – (Suggest - #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0 mm)



All Team Associated1/10th Scale Vehicles

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