MOD 5th Scale Gas Racing Kill Switch Aux Button Kill #19930


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SPECIAL NOTE: MOD Racing Kill Switch is compatible with Spektrum via Aux Kill Button Assign and kill button ONLY! It will not work when you turn off the radio. That is a Spektrum issue not with the kill switch. Works Fine with Futaba and Sanwa with all functions. 

MOD Racing Kill Switch has one purpose; to reliably kill your 5th scale engine quickly and safely. A kill switch you can trust from beginning to the end of your race.  

Kill Switch will activate under three conditions:

  1. Manual AUX Channel Button Kill from Remote (must assign Aux 1 or 2 on Remote) 
  2. Total Voltage Loss or Low Voltage under 3.0 Volts (should never reach this unless loss of a cell or cells)
  3. Total Signal Loss (Transmitter loses signal / remote turns off / receiver fails) 

Simple Design:

  • No dip switches 
  • No parameters to choose
  • Simply connect to ignition coil and receiver and set AUX channel


  • Weight: 10 grams for the unit itself (believe to be the lightest on the market)
  • Dimensions: 16x19x14 mm (believe to be the smallest footprint- less then a nickel in comparison)
  • Latency: 0.10 Seconds

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Kill Switch with external signalling LED light
  • 1 x Motor Ignition Coil Kill switch tether (plugs into kill switch) 

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • Guaranteed to work with your RC 5th Scale vehicle that has an ignition coil along with a control that has AUX inputs and menu control. 
  • Trust is key and if the MOD Racing Kill Switch does not respond or perform its kill function properly simply send it back and we will refund your purchase price of item. 

Why Now?:

  • Came out of necessity as many of the major brand kill switches we have seen throughout the years have experienced being untrustworthy and would kill the vehicle without cause creating doubt. (We tried many as well, none were 100 over 100)
    • With doubt in many peoples minds, many would rather risk run away then lose a race due to an unworthy kill switch shutdown.
  • Runways can happen at any time for a plethora of reasons.
    • Throttle servo failure, battery loss with throttle in open position, carburetor butterfly failure and mechanically sticks open, throttle bar failure, rock stuck in throttle bar, receiver failure, ect.

Needed For 5th Scale Racing to Grow:

  • A run away 5th scale is a huge liability and having a reliable source of control over its shutdown at any point in time is a needed feature that we all need to have in order for us to limit the liability of racing this size of vehicle. 
  • With a reliable racing kill switch this expands our horizons for new venues and gives people more of a sense of security that their race rig will not be destroyed at a drop of a pin. 

Cheap Insurance. 

  • A run away car can cause hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars worth of damage to both the rc vehicle itself and to other peoples property. And in the unfortunate event it can also cause physical harm to people if caught in its path. 

Winning Championships:

  • MOD Racing Kill Switch has been Trusted to be onboard while in the biggest of races (something we have avoided with other kill switch products as they could fail at any time)
    • 2019 MOD Pro Truck Series Champion
    • 2019 Pro Truck 1st Place West Coast Nationals 
    • 2020 Worlds Pro Truck 2nd Place 
    • 2020 Multiple MOD Series Pro Race Wins
    • 2020 Midwest Shootout Pro Truck and Buggy Champion
    • 2021 Monster Cross 3 Hour Enduro Win
    • 2021 Buggy Worlds WIn
    • 2021 Truck Worlds Win
    • 2022 Monster Cross 3 Hour Enduro WIn (2 Peat) 
    • 2022 Worlds Win Truck / Buggy Pro 


    • 2s Radio system and Servos - Approved 
    • 4s Big Hitec with regulator to receiver - Approved 
    • Both Reed and Piston Port Motors - Approved
    • 9 months of continuous testing
    • Flawless Zero failure rate in racing situations 


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