MOD AE B6.4 /.3 Aluminum Puck Bones (2) (Use with MOD Feather Weight Ball Diff Puck Outdrives ONLY) #21512

Matt Olson Designs

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  • ONLY TO BE USED with Feather Weight AE B6.4 /.3 Puck Outdrives Part #21511, length will not be proper for other Ball Diff Puck Outdrives. 
  • These bones can be used with Standard Yoke #18865 for 73mm Arm & Omni Yoke #21513 for 75mm Arm with Wide Pivot 
  • If used with B6.4/.3 Gear Diff Outdrives can only be used on dirt and with 17.5 motors. 
  • These are not to be used on Carpet / Street / Turf, failure will occur, dirt only!


  • Replaceable drive pin puck components for keeping a drivetrain always fresh
  • Approved for all Dirt Traction Surfaces
  • Lighter then stock.


  • 2021 Jconcepts INS11 National Dirt Overall Champion - Davey Batta

Support Parts for Completion: 

  • 18865 - 73mm Arm - Standard Yoke
  • 21513 - 75mm Arm - Omni Yoke  
  • 17045 - 1.5 Pucks Rebuild 

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