MOD B7 2wd Gear Diff 7075 Aluminum Puck Outdrives (2) #24531

Matt Olson Designs

$29.99 $39.99


  • If using these outdrives with aluminum puck bones on anything but dirt failure will occur, you need the strength of the MOD Skinny Steel Shiny Bone to withstand the torsional load needed for carpet / turf / asphalt. Also if trying to mix match parts sizing can be incorrect and can bottom out the bone and cause failure. 
  • This is a replacement part to be used with pre approved MOD Gear Diff 2wd TLR Puck kits that exist.  


  • Outdrives are Aluminum - 66% Less rotational mass compared to Steel OEM outdrives 
  • Replaceable drive pin puck components for keeping a drivetrain always fresh
  • Approved for all high traction surfaces Carpet/Turf/Street


  • 7075 T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum - Hard Anodized for the best wear characteristics  

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