MOD Everlast Adjustable A Block - Losi 5ive T / B

Matt Olson Designs

$48.99 $64.99
SKU: 19900


  • Super beefy design created for ultimate durability
  • Improved geometry in the ear area to fend off failures.
  • Direct replacement for the OEM TLR A Block that tends to develop a crack and can break easily at the ear where the insert sits
  • Uses easily obtainable TLR Adjustable Hinge Pin Inserts (TLR254002)

Modification Needed for Fitment:

  • Review Pictures in Post as some light clearance trimming will be needed on the ridges of the plastic bumper for the block to fin in properly. 
    • All that is needed is a sanding drum and dremel for modification 
    • Trim down sharp ridges until you hit the concave part of the plastic bumper. test fit and trim as needed. 


  • Everlast A block $48.99 > $54.99 for replacement blocks that always come in pairs. So you will have to make the initial investment in the A/B Block but when the A block fails you have to always buy another pair to get a new A block. Saves you money in the long run! 


  • 37 Grams       


  • 6061 Aluminum 
  • 100% Made in the USA

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Aluminum A Block 
  • No Adjustment Pills come with block use TLR OEM ones. Use part #TLR254002 for inserts as needed. 

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