MOD Team Associated B74.2 /.1 Bi- Metal / Skinny Bone Puck System Complete F/C/R #19950


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The New NEW... What has Changed and Why?:

Thank you for considering the all new MOD / MIP Puck System for the Team Associated B74 4wd buggy. The Puck system has been revered as one of the most essential upgrades for 13.5 4wd buggies and with the B64 puck system it took plenty of championships to back up the claim. But the B64 puck system wasn't without its shortcomings mainly in the strength of the front and rear aluminum puck bones. On a hard front arm impact the Aluminum bones would tend to bend, needing replacement, that is the first of the short comings. The second of which came with the progression of increased traction track surfaces mainly turf and carpet, with the increased traction and hard landings on power the Front and Rear Aluminum bones would twist over time and eventually break. So we went to work and helped developed the all new MIP Skinny Bones! They are super light within 10% of the weight of the Aluminum counterpart but boast a 400% increase in torsional strength. So with this new system you are still able to reduce your rotational mass be confident in the longevity and integrity of the bones on all surfaces (DIRT / CARPET / TURF). The Center Bones are still aluminum as they do not see nearly the same type of load and no failures in the past on any surface so they were kept the same. Overall we have taken all into consideration in developing this all new system made 100% in the USA at MIP's World Class Manufacturing Facility. Welcome to the new Bi-Metal / Skinny Bone Puck System, Enjoy! 


  • 40% Less-Rotational Mass
  • Increased Acceleration
  • Less Motor Fatigue
  • Replaceable Puck Components


  • #17045 1.5 Pucks Front / Rear 
  • #17015 1.0 Pucks Center (Only) 


  • 500K Center Diff for Dirt / 1 million Center Diff For Carpet / Turf 
  • Use grease or bearing oil on the pucks to extend life
  • Use 2 x .050 (#9000) to install and disassemble pucks with ease
  • Main screw that holds yoke on is a 1/16 (#9001) not a 1.5 mm
  • Use Locktite on all screws in kit 


  • All New Skinny Bone Technology for front / rear better shear strength compared to aluminum and longer bone life. 
    • Front Bones CVA 74mm
    • Rear Bones CVA 66mm
  • 7075-T6 Hard Anodized Aluminum for Center Drives
  • 1.5 Pucks used F/R for increased life 
  • Heat Treated American Grade Tool Steel
  • 100% Made in the USA!


  • F/C/R Aluminum Puck Outdrive components
  • Center Aluminum Bi-Metal Aluminum drives
  • Front 74mm / Rear 66mm Shiny Skinny Bones 
  • Complimentary Outdrives and 1 full set of pucks to rebuild the kit. 





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