MIP Quick Fill System Losi 5T/5B #15100


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Push, Click, Dump, and Lift, these four easy steps equate to a successful pit every time with MIP’s Quick Fill 1/5th Scale system. A system that closely resembles a dry brake system in the 1/1 Racing World has been reinvented for our 1/5thscale Losi 5ive-T R/C vehicles! Introducing; ONE HAND OPERATION! ONLY FROM THE MINDS OF MIP. Made out of the highest quality materials including 7075-T6 Aluminum, extruded and machined polyethylene, machined bearing grade plastics, high grade fuel resistant seals, stainless steel hardware, and anodized to perfection. Yes it has the glam, it has the pizzazz, heck it’s probably the nicest piece of R/C equipment you will ever buy; but the golden question is, how well does it work!? From multiple field tests in racing conditions, this new MIP Quick Fill can dump a whopping 800 ml of fuel in under ten seconds (empty to completely full)! Perfect for quick pits or topping off to start the race. If you do the math that is more than 80ml every second, and that is without needing to reach into your truck to take off the OEM cap (sometimes hard to remove), without fumbling with your fuel bottle or large red gas can (dangerous in the pits), without the possibility of splashing fuel (fire hazard), , and yes without screwing the OEM cap on sideways (we have all done it). As 1/5th scale racing evolves so must our pitting strategy, as the mains are getting longer the events are requiring fuel stops, and now with one purchase you will be ready for any pit stop or refueling the event may toss at you. It’s high time you save yourself as much as 20 seconds in the pits because as we have all experienced the race can be lost or won in the pits. Don’t be on the losing side and choose MIP’s 1/5th Scale Quick Fill system. Proudly developed and manufactured 100% in the USA.




Losi 5ive-T 1/5th Scale owners



Sub 10 Second Fuel Stops (Empty to Full)

Check Valve Stops Fuel when Flipped Over

Cap is Compatible with All versions of the Losi 5ive-T Gas Tanks

Only One Hand Operation Needed

Quick Top Offs Before the Main Event.



Manual Nozzle Lockout on fill bottle


Precision Construction +/- .005 Tolerances

Stainless Steel Hardware

7075-T6 Aluminum

Anodized Finish

High Grade Fuel Resistant Seals

Extruded Purpose built and Machined Polyethylene Bottle

Bearing Grade Plastics

Made 100% in the USA



.070 x .801 O-Ring (5), 5/32” Ball Bearing Stainless Steel (2), 1-72 x .188 Cap Screw SHCS (4), MIP Filter (2), MIP Pre-filter (2), .070 x .364 O-Ring (2), Fill Base Plunger Spring (1), Base Plunger Spring (2), Spring Locator .975x 2.0x .034 (1), 5-40 x 5/16” BHCS (14), .070 x 1.176 O-Ring (1), .070 x .739 O-Ring (1), .103 x 2.487 0-Ring (2), MIP Fuel Bottle Sticker Sheet (1), MIP Quick Fill Inst. Sheet (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle (1), MIP Quick Fill Tank Retainer Cap (1), MIP Quick Fill Tank Base (1) MIP Quick Fill Tank Base Bottom (1), MIP Quick Fill Tank Plunger (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottom Plunger (1), MIP Quick Fill Tank Base Breather Insert (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Locator (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Breather Piston (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Breather Shaft (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Breather Button (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Breather Cap (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Fill Adapter Cap (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Fill Plug (1), MIP Mipple™ Umbrella (1), MIP Quick Fill Bottle Locator Nut (1)



2 stroke blend fuel



1/5th Scale Losi 5ive-T Generation Gas Tanks

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