SDRC Top Gun Shootout Waffle

Matt Olson Designs


Sorry, this item is out of stock

This Order is good for one digital sticker ticket that will then enter you into the Waffle on the Live Feed by MOD LIVE MEDIA. 

To buy more then one digital sticker ticket be sure to add multiple to the order. 

One Digital Sticker Ticket is good for only one chance at a Prize. 10 Winners in Total. Each Person Contacted by ranking order of being picked. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery Please. 

Products On the Waffle: 

  • Team Associated B74.2D - Daniel Bice JR. - On Order 
  • JConcepts Full Set of Tires with Wheels of Choice - Ray Butcher XL Jacket Shipping , Jconcepts shipping from Florida Order in 
  • 1UP Racing Pro Duty Titanium TurnBuckles - Seth GreenLund
  • PROTEK Crawling Gear Bag 
  • PROTEK RC 5000 mah 2 Cell 7.6v 130c Battery - Jonathank KO
  • MOD PUCK SYSTEM of Choice - CODY TURNER 2wd AE Puck System (Shipped) 
  • MOD Sweatshirt - Esat Sun 
  • MOD Hat / Shirt Combo - Kevin Lachapelle
  • Schelle MOD Differential - Jonathank KO - On Order 
  • DRC Charge Cable




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