WAFFLE For Crohns Disease - 2023 1/10 IFMAR WORLDS Champions (Multiple Winners)

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In Honor of the Late and Great Brian Kinwald we will be Waffling Of Memorabilia and Product and the proceeds will go to Crohns Disease foundation. We have multiple prizes below including:

Winners Will Be Contacted in Order of the Draw (LIVE ON THE FINAL RACE STREAM) 

Please Allow A Week to Contact everyone Thank you 

  1. Virgel Standfill - 4wd Worlds Shirt Ongaro, Orlowski, Rivkin (ordering shirt case) 
  2. Drew Boyd - 2wd Worlds Shirt (Ordering Shirt Case) 
  3. Neil Pestka - Protek 6500 / Backpack / Tool Set (Shipping) 
  4. Riley Haagsma - Maifield Signed Pit Board (Bringing to Bakersfield) Delivered
  5. Nicholas Magnone - Fantom RC Motor of Choice - FantomRacing.com Contacted
  6. Patrick Boyd - Maifield Body Signed Paint Scheme (Delivering To NCTS) 
  7. Shane Oconnel - 2023 4wd IFMAR World Champion - Davide Ongaro - Signed 6.0 Hobby Wing motor and box. - Hobbywingdirect.com (shipping) 
  8. Sonny Santucci - JConcepts Ryan Maifield Prototype 4wd Body (White) Signed by Maifield -  JConcepts.net (Shipping) 
  9. Nicolas Riser - Spencer Rivkin Signed Hobby Action Worlds Pit Board (shipping) 
  10. Nicholas Maksyinowski - XL Sweatshirt (Shipping) 
  11. Marks Adams - $100 RL Power Supply Ticket (Contacted Sednt to customer) 
  12. Ray Butcher - $100 Lead Finger Racing Gift Cert. - www.LeadFingerRc.com (Contacted Leadfinger) 
  13. Brandon WInn - Spencer Rivkin Signed Hobby Wing Shirt (shipping) 
  14. Frederick Deimer - Pit Pal Jet Black (Shipping) 
  15. Martin Richards - MOD Large Jacket (Shipping) 
  16. Kevin Hobbs - 2xl Mod jacket (Shipping) 
  17. Ronald Diao- Pit Pal Black - Jacket Large 
  18. Hiroaki Nakaya- Large Sweatshirt 
  19. Brandon Trostle-
  20. Johnathan Dickey-

Multiple Winners (choice of prize is in order of who is drawn)  

  • $100 Donathan RC Charge Leads Gift Cert - DRCproshop.com
  • $100 RCLYFE Gift Cert. - rclyfe.com
  • $100 Mach 1 Graphics Gift Cert 
  • $100 Ball Python Gift Cert
  • Vintage Apparel 1 x Shirt / Hat Combo (of Choice) by Klinikrc.com
  • MOD Jacket (Choose Size) 
  • MOD Hat / T Shirt Combo 
  • MOD PIT PAL of Choice 


There will be multiple Winners of the Waffle. 

Winner Will be Drawn Live via a spinning wheel at the completion of the live stream on Saturday the 16th of September. 

If you would like a Limited Edition Broadcast Shirt Look under Apparel. 

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