Years in the making is the best way to describe my story. For the greater part of 15 years I've been heavily involved in almost every facet of the RC industry including reviewing and writing detailed articles about products for RC magazines, working at a race specific hobby shop, competing and traveling as a Professional RC Racer, and now working for MIP helping design, test, and produce 100% USA manufactured products. My current job as MIP's Promotions Manager / Team Manager / Factory Driver / Head R&D Tester gives me a unique vision of our industry and what products would help our community. MOD and MIP are essentially brothers in arms, in the sense that MOD will keep to the standards that MIP holds which includes first and foremost quality, performance, dependability, and customer satisfaction. You may be asking why not hold the products under the MIP brand. The simple answer is that by bringing MOD to life allows me as Matt Olson even more creative power to help the RC community with their addiction. Welcome to my vision. Welcome to MOD.
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