#20060 - MIP Shiny CVD Kit, Losi Mini-T / B 2.0 Series

Matt Olson Designs

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#20060 - MIP Shiny CVD Kit, Losi Mini-T/B 2.0 Series
The MIP CVD technology has arrived for the incredibly popular Losi Mini T/B 2.0! Our CVDs slim design will keep the weight of the car low and keep its efficiency high. Built of high quality steel, our CVD kit is built to last so you can make those crazy jumps and drive on those rough terrains with confidence knowing your MIP CVD will keep your car running! Maintaining your CVD kit is easy too because our CVD kit is fully rebuildable so any worn down parts can be replaced with ease. Scroll down to see our support parts section so you know exactly what you need to perform routine maintenance of your kit.
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