True Power Servo Voltage Regulator 4s / 3s Large Scale Servos

Matt Olson Designs

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  • Makes it possible to use 4/3s compatible Large Scale Servos like the Hitec 1000 Series Servos.
  • Clean 4/3s (14.8v/11.1v) power delivered to receiver to distribute 7.4 volts to throttle/brake servo 
  • Versus other regulators on the market this delivers a better unrestricted power to components as to reduce the possibility of not supplying enough clean power to kill switches so they don't shut off prematurely due to power loss from the large hitec servos when under extreme load.
  • Build quality unlike anything on the market with all wires professionally soldered in and hot glue added so wires don't fray or spread at the board. 
  • No dip switches, plug in and just works! 


  • Weight - 21.6 grams
  • Comes with all connectors needed to install regulator and a new servo


  • Hitec 1000 / 1005 / 1100 Series Servos 
  • Use on any servo needing 3-4s power (11.1-14.8V) 

Install Instructions: 

  • Follow directions that came with package for wiring, super easy install. 
  • Put regulator in front servo box if possible can also install in battery box on side pod will need to use extension cable to reach regulator.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

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