MOD Lightweight 2800 Mah 4-Cell Receiver Pack Losi 5T 1.0 / 2.0 & Kraken Vekta Hitec 1000 / 1005 / 1100 (#19550)

Matt Olson Designs

$74.99 $89.99
SKU: 19550


  • Lightest (208 Grams) and most Mah (2800) 4 Cell lipo in its class for the 5th Scale vehicles.
  • Made to power Hitec 1000 Series Servos 
  • Perfect for the racer and basher alike with the customer in mind. 
  • Specifically designed for the Losi 5T and Kraken Vekta Vehicles battery boxes. 
  • Deans equipped for higher input power from charger 
  • Both JST and Futaba / JR Male Plug for receiver / power / charging 
  • High quality battery makeup produced from Team Zombie Battery Cells. 

Racer Insight:

  • Lasts 60 + minute Main events without issue powering Hitec 1005, Receiver, Break/ Throttle Servo, Transponder 
  • Super Light battery coming in at 206 Grams. When compared to the other go to 4 cell on the market at 273 grams! Thats an almost 25% weight savings and in ounces its 2.36 ounces. 
  • Created with the racer in mind that needs to decrease weight and needs more room in their battery box. 
  • Very nice to have the big deans for putting in more then 1C into the pack (more then 2.8 amp charge) 
  • Shorter plug wires so they are not wrapped all over in the box. 


  • 2800 MAH
  • LIPO 
  • 4-Cell 14.8V
  • 69 x 49 x 29 mm
  • Deans For High Amp Charging and Balance Plug
  • JST & Futaba / JR plug for receiver / other plug ins 
  • Made to power Hitec 1000/1005/1100 steering servo (power regulator needed in conjunction to step down power to receiver) 

Custom made by Team Zombie Batteries and produced exlusively for Matt Olson Designs 

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