Brass / 7075-T6 Alum 5-IN-1 MOD AE 6.1 series Arm Inserts


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  • Eliminates the need for 2 separate plastic arm inserts for setup changes. 
  • 3 hole positions that offer 5 overall positions 
  • 1-2 Holes are OEM AE hole 0 Hole is between the 1 hole when flipped back and forth.
  • Less likely to strip out compared to plastic inserts
  • Nice Snug Fit
  • Weighted Brass Versions allows for tuning options dealing with weighting the arms.

STYLES Broken Down:

  • Brass 20 Grams - 16 grams heavier then plastic inserts, great option for Oval racers looking to hold their car down turning. Also for offroad / carpet racers looking to tune with weight added to the arm. This will affect the suspension / grip  / CG characteristics. 
  • Aluminum 7075-T6 (All Three Styles) - 1 Gram heavier then plastic, realistically the same weight overall and great cross over for those looking for durable all-in-one inserts. 


    • Team Associated B6.1 , T6.1, SC6.1
    • Works with both Plastic and Carbon Arms


    • Lifetime! - Free from Defects or Insert Failure 


    • 100% Made in the USA at MIP's Factory! 

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