#19780 - MOD / MIP Bypass1 Pistons for 5ive T/B Losi / TLR 'Stock Shocks'


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  • Able to now control rebound vs compression characteristics 
  • Dials in proper amount of pack vs and able to adjust rebound once proper pack is achieved.
  • Variable rebound shims offered to fine tune shocks 
  • Modifiable piston offered in order for racer to tune shocks to the nth degree
  • Pre Dimpled holes for even more tuning in both rebound byprass1 holes and outside piston holes. 

Track Feeling: 

  • Vehicle is much easier to drive
  • Achieves proper pack so that car lands and corners without hesitation
  • Car is more predictable and you feel more connected to it. 
  • Much easier to tune for extreme rutted conditions. 


  • MIP Bypass1 Valve Tech 
  • .003 (Green) , .005 (Blue) , .007 (Clear) , .010 (Brown) Valves Come in kit 
  • MOD tuned pistons to be the perfect starting point for any user 

MOD Setup: 

  • Truck Losi 5ive T 1.0 / 2.0
    • Front - Clear Valve, 35 Wt Oil, Blue Spring 
    • Rear - Blue Valve, 32.5 Wt Oil, Red Spring 
  • Buggy TLR 5ive 
    • Front - Blue Valve 30 Wt Oil, Gold Spring 
    • Rear - Blue Valve 25 Wt Oil, Blue Spring 


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