Clutch Rebuild Kit, 54mm MOD / MIP Racing Clutch #14354

Matt Olson Designs

$79.99 $100.00
SKU: 14354

  • 8 - Clutch Shoes
  • 9K Springs 
  • 4 - Button Head Screws 
  • Carbon Fiber Clutch Retaining Flower

Pro Tip:

  • Use Clutch bell that has previously been used with the MIP clutch or use a new clutch bell. Old sediments from a stock 2 shoe clutch or other aftermarket clutch can become inbedded in a clutch bell and when used with and MIP clutch can cause slippage. 
  • Use open front and rear housing with MIP clutch to dissipate heat. Without heat dissipation slipping of the MIP clutch will occur and later failure will happen. 

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